Mittwoch, 12. Juni 2013

Last day

Hey guys,

Today we slept in and then we (chella, Declan and me) went to school. I worked on an iMovie for the whole day but we didn't get it to work so they send it home to me. Later on at home we ate, I finished packing and then grandma Adkins and Wayne came over to say good bye. Now I am ready for bed after just talking. I can't believe this is my last post from America <3 right now I am just really sad but as soon as I see my parents and grandparents I am gonna be happy as well. I will just need my time, so please respect that a year away is nothing which you can just put behind

Ahh and we made a scale to measure how much weight my luggage is by a stock and weights on one site and my luggage on the other side cause the scale kept changing my weight or didn't show it they ordered a new one but it didn't arrive in time 

Xoxo Feli

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